When Life Strikes the President

When Life Strikes the White House

C-SPAN aired the daytime panel program from our February 19, 2014, When Life Strikes the White House event on March 19th.  

C-SPAN 3 American History TV in Prime Time
Wednesday, March 19, 2014 – The Presidency
From our Presidency series, three panel discussions on presidents during times of crises . . .
  • 8pm – The Presidency: Personal Crises & Responsibility – A look at the crises of John Tyler (succession ambiguity), Ronald Reagan (health issues) & Bill Clinton (Lewinsky scandal), as well as their impact on national politics.
  • 9:30pm – The Presidency: Death in the White House – A discussion on Franklin Pierce, Calvin Coolidge, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, who all lost sons during their presidencies.
  • 11:05pm - The Presidency: Presidential Illness - An examination of the impact of presidential illness during the administrations of Woodrow Wilson, FDR, Richard Nixon and LBJ.

Each panel also airs in the regular weekend “Presidency” slot on these days and times:

 All times Eastern on C-SPAN 3.

C-SPAN programming streams live on their website (www.c-span.org) during the weekends for those without access to C-SPAN 3 and is also archived here after it airs: www.c-span.org/history.

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