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Past Events

2018 Maguire Public Scholar Lecture

 TheoWalkerWednesday, February 7, 2018
5:00 pm lecture | 6:00 pm reception
Meadows Museum Great Hall
SMU Campus
5900 Bishop Blvd.
Dallas TX 75205

The 2018 Public Scholar Lecture featured Associate Professor of Ethics and Society Dr. Theodore Walker, Jr.

Don’t Call King a ‘Civil Rights’ Leader:
Toward abolishing poverty and war by correcting our fatally inadequate remembering of MLK Jr.

Remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.—primarily as a domestic “civil rights” leader—is inadequate, and sometimes harmful. The term “civil rights” fails to embrace King’s abolitionist movements toward the global abolition of poverty and war. 
Lecture Excerpt: King was a Baptist preacher. He advanced an optimistic realism (including a "realistic pacifism") that improves upon pessimistic-cynical versions of political realism. And King went beyond advancing “civil rights” to advancing economic rights and human rights. He prescribed adding an economic bill of rights to the US Constitution, plus full-employment supplemented by “guaranteed income,” and US-supported international efforts to achieve the total “abolition of poverty” and war throughout “the world house” (King 1967).

From the Center's earliest years, we have showcased the university's most exciting scholars in our Public Scholar lecture series. Many of the Public Scholar lectures have been published (in slightly revised form) as Occasional Papers of the Center.