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Tipping the Scales for Children


Tipping the Scales for Children: From Ethics to Action to Wellbeing

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
9:00 am - 3:30 pm

The Bush Institute
2943 SMU Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75205

View the full Agenda here

9:00 am Exhibitors and Community Organizations Networking
Cross Hall 
9:30 am  Exhibitor and Speaker Meet and Greet
9:45 am
 Auditorium doors open and guests will be invited to take their seats
10:00 am Program Begins
Welcome - Dr. Rita Kirk & Mr. Doug Hawthorne
10:15 am “Creating Healthy Communities” - Mr. Dan Buettner
11:00 am "Ethical Imperative" - Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus
11:10 am "Obesity as a National Security Issue" - General William Fraser III, USAF (Ret)
12:00 pm Lunch
"City Initiatives & Grassroots Partnerships" - Dr. Bobby Lyle,
Mayor Mike Rawlings & Rev. Michael Minor
Hall of State
1:00 pm Program Resumes
1:05 pm "The President and First Lady’s Health Initiatives” - Mr. Alan Lowe and Ms. Shellie Pfohl
1:25 pm “Reaching the Tipping Point in Improving the Well-Being of Children and Families”- Mr. Peter Roberts, Mr. Chris Durovich, Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Ms. Cheryl McCarver, Mr. Gordon Echtenkamp, Ms. Margaret Lopez, Ms. Anne Thomas 
2:10 pm "A Tale of Two Cities: Effects of Home, Environment, and Poverty on Educational
Outcomes and Child Success" - Dr. Owen Lynch, Ms. Michelle Kinder, Ms. Regina Montoya and Dr. Michael Sorrell
3:05 pm Capstone Presentation - Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper
3:25 pm Calls to Action and Program Conclusion - Dr. Rita Kirk
3:35 pm Post-Conference Reception
Cross Hall