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Margi Evans

My perspective of The Other Wes Moore is colored by my childhood memories of Baltimore. I grew up in Baltimore County, not far from Wes Moore’s home, and I have vivid memories of driving through the city and seeing young men standing on the corners with their headphones on and their eyes alert. Although I lived only miles from those street corners, I was worlds away.

Wes Moore shines a light on the impact that decisions we make have not only on our lives, but on the lives of those around us. Throughout this novel there are numerous instances when a slight change of course, a different choice, or a moment to reconsider would have altered the futures of both boys and their families. These biographies show how much we control our own destiny through our every decision yet, at the same time, we see how much our fate is influenced by the path that those around us choose to follow. We often wonder if we’ve made the right choices in life. “What if” is a question we can rarely answer. Wes Moore gives us a glimpse into the “what if” moments of the lives of two men. He presents us with the opportunity to compare and witness the consequences which follow different responses to the same challenges, but the feeling of “what if” remains both for the reader, and for the author himself.

~Margi Evans is an Advancement Associate at Dedman. She is currently working on earning a Master of Liberal Studies degree from SMU focusing on Communications, Media and Technology.

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