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Engaged Learning is a campus-wide initiative to enhance student learning with experiential learning opportunities. The Office of Engaged Learning hosts the following programs: the Engaged Learning Fellowship, Undergraduate Research, Big iDeas, Clinton Global University, and various campus partner opportunities. 

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Introducing our new A2O Mentoring platform.  A2helps students and mentors connect with one another.


Voices of SMU (Oral History Project)

Carson Dudick, a Junior majoring in History and Human rights, is interviewing minority SMU alumni about their experiences attending SMU.


Just Drive, an app to stop texting and driving

Neha Husein shares her story with ASUS through their #UnlockingGood with #ZenFone5 Q profile series.


Undergraduate Research (Chemistry)

Jamie Hall, Anderson WeyTrey Rose, and Corinne Gibson are researching high-temperature polymers in Dr. David Y. Son's lab.


Undergraduate Research (3D Simulations)

Jose Velazquez and Joshua Lauer are working with Dr. Tony Cuevas on interactive 3D simulations for use in high school and college classrooms.


Main Events Calendar 2019-2020

 Sep 15  DEADLINE: Engaged Learning Fellowship Senior Cycle, 5 pm
Sep 17

"Route UC" (First Five Academy Week)
Hughes-Trigg Atrium, 3-6pm

Sep 20 VIP Reception (First Five Academy Week)
Meadows Museum, 8-9pm
Oct 4 Big iDeas Pitch Competition
Collins Center, 2-5pm
Oct 23 Fall Research Symposium Owen Arts Center, 4-6pm
 Dec 23

Fall Research Symposium

Owen Arts Center, 4-6pm

Feb 14

Big iDeas Business Plan Competition


Fast Facts

“How to communicate, how to reason and how to work with others in a professional role: these are the important skills my Engaged Learning experience taught me.”