Summer Research Fellows


Each year, an elite group of Summer Research Assistants are named Summer Research Fellows. SRFs demonstrate exceptional work ethic, curiosity, independence, and intellectual rigor. SRFs produce work comparable to the quality shown on a professional conference.

Nominated by their faculty mentors, SRFs are selected by the Engaged Learning Faculty Steering Team.

Each Fellow receives:

  • Funding to reimburse expenses related to conference presentations, such as poster printing, registration, and travel
  • Opportunity to present their work on the Fall Research Symposium in October
  • Pre-acceptance to the SMU Journal of Undergraduate Research

2019 Summer Research Fellows

Force Field Development for beta-Lactam Antibiotics


Preparation and Structural Characterization of Salts and Cocrystals of Creatine


Informal Professional Development on Twitter: Exploring the Online Communities of Mathematics Educators



Trevor Heinzmann, 2020 (center, with Dr. Tao's lab)

- Major: Chemistry

- Minor: Mathematics

- Mentor: Peng Tao (Chemistry)

Kyle Pekar, 2022

- Majors: Biology, Chemistry

- Minor: Mathematics

- Mentor: Tomče Runčevski (Chemistry)

Jaymie Ruddock, 2021

- Majors: Computer Science, Mathematics

- Mentor: Annie Wilhelm (Teaching and Learning)

2018 Summer Research Fellows

NAGPRA Curation of the Richland Creek Archaeological Project Collection

Chemotherapeutics Research

Luminescent Probes for Imaging Reactive Sulfur, Oxygen, and Nitrogen Species in Living Systems

Jordan Hardin '19 is studying and classifying human and funerary remains under NAGPRA guidelines.This project aims to bring this collection up to curation standards by investigating the human remains and AFOs from four sites in this collection.
Kasi Holcomb-Webb '19 implements Real-Time PCR used to quantitatively measure the level of expression of P-glycoprotein and Breast Cancer Resistant Protein in cancer cell lines, as part of the Vogel-Wise lab research for reducing toxicity to healthy cells, while increasing the success of chemotherapeutic drugs.

Becky Jenkins is working with a luminescent probe to test a Ru(II) complex's potential as a hydrogen sulfide donor from the irradiation of a red light source both in vitro and in vivo. She is also synthesizing a hydrazinyl naphthalimide fluorescent probe to detect the reactive carbonyl speciesacetaldehyde.

Demographic Trends in U.S. School Shooting Fatalities

College Access Attitudes among North Texas H.S. Students with Declared Interest in Human Rights

Cheyenne Murray '19 is compiling a comprehensive database of over twenty years of U.S. school shootingfatalities and performing a demographic analysis to understand how school gun violence impacts underrepresented student populations. Lamisa Mustafa '21 and Tannah Oppliger '20 research North Texas HS students with an interest in human rights to tailor recruiting strategies to better guide and mentor college-bound high school students interested in human rights.