Undergraduate Research

How can I get involved in Undergraduate Research?

The Undergraduate Research program offers two types of Assistantships: Undergraduate Research Assistantships (URA) and Summer Research Assistantships (SRA)

Undergraduate Research Assistantships: Experience part-time research and faculty mentorship during the Academic Year.

Summer Research Assistantships: Take your part-time, or full-time, if you choose, research beyond the Academic Year and into the summer, and dive deeper into your research project.

Want to pursue student-driven research? Check out Engaged Learning Fellowships!

Here's how it Works:

These SMU Assistantships provide opportunities to full-time students of any level to pursue faculty-driven research across all disciplines, and earn wages for their work! Each assistantship involves a student working closely with a faculty mentor. At the end of the year, the student and faculty mentor are asked to write and submit a report about their experience, including reference to any paper, presentation, performance or other result accomplished from the research. In order to renew assistantships, all SRA students are required to submit final reports. Here are some guidelines for the URA program.

There are no application deadlines for URA proposals, but students should contact their research faculty member. The deadline for a full-time SRA is April 2.

There are many research opportunities for students! Please visit Undergraduate Research for more information about these research opportunities.