Undergraduate Research

Research—the observation, discovery, or creation of previously unknown ideas—is at the heart of SMU's mission. We strongly encourage undergraduate students to engage in research projects outside of their class assignments.

The Undergraduate Research program, powered by the Office of Engaged Learning, facilitates:


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Research and Funding Programs

Check out the diverse undergraduate research programs and funding opportunities available on campus!  

Undergraduate Research Assistantships

Experience part-time research and faculty mentorship during the Academic Year. (Administered by the Office of Engaged Learning) 


Summer Research Assistantships

Take your part-time, or full-time, if you choose, research beyond the Academic Year and into the summer, and dive deeper into your research project. (Administered by the Office of Engaged Learning) 


Engaged Learning Fellowships

Engage in capstone-level scholarly research, community service or civic engagement, professional internship, or other creative project that moves learning beyond the classroom. (Administered by the Office of Engaged Learning) 


Cooper/McElvaney Peace and Justice Fellowship

Deepen your understanding of social justice work with a faith-based organization. Design a service or research project under the guidance of the Chaplain’s office or a faculty mentor.  (Administered by the Office of the Chaplain & Religious Life) 


Grand Challenge Scholars Program

The Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP) aims to inspire young students to explore challenges and opportunities which support the “continuation of life on the planet, making our world more sustainable, secure, healthy, and joyful.”  (Administered by the Hart Center for Engineering Leadership)


Hamilton Undergraduate Research Scholars

Collaborate with top faculty researchers and contribute to the creation of cutting-edge knowledge in significant and meaningful ways. Faculty/student teams carry out primary research for one semester or up to one year. (Administered by the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute) 


Maguire Public Service Fellows

Summer fellowships for public service or ethics research.  (Administered by the Maguire Center) 


Mayer Undergraduate Fellows

Conduct a substantial research project that combines and integrates the perspectives of your major(s)/minor(s) under the guidance of two faculty mentors. (Administered by the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute) 


McNair Scholars Program

Through faculty mentoring, undergraduate research, and academic support services, you will be prepared and engaged academically and receive postgraduate counseling and opportunities. (Administered by the SMU College Access Programs) 


Office of National Student Fellowships

SMU's Office of National Student Fellowships helps SMU undergraduate and graduate students apply for external, nationally-competitive fellowships, scholarships and awards such as the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Mitchell, Truman, Goldwater, Udall, Guggenheim, and many others.


Richter International Fellowship Program

Honors students to conduct independent research projects on topics of international dimensions or multicultural projects within the United States under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Eligibility: Second and Third-year SMU students enrolled in the University Honors Program in the Liberal Arts(Administered by the University Honors Program) 


Tower Scholars Program

Pursue collaborative work in politics and government and work closely with faculty to develop research projects to be published in the Dialogue(Administered by the Tower Center)


Weil Undergraduate Research Award

An annual award for the demonstration of depth and breadth in the use of library research materials and clear evidence of thoughtful command of these resources in undergraduate research papers. (Administered by SMU Libraries


UGR Calendar Fall 2020

Aug 31 Workshop: Crafting your ELF Proposal
5pm on Zoom [Register]
Sep 1 Workshop: Crafting your ELF Proposal
5pm on Zoom [Register]
Sep 15 Engaged Learning Fellowship Application Deadline (Senior Cycle)
Sep 21
Workshop: Engaging Presentations
4pm on Zoom [Register]
Oct 28
Fall Research Symposium [REGISTER]
Nov 3 Workshop: From Idea to Publication
5pm on Zoom [Register]
Dec 15
Engaged Learning Fellowship Application Deadline (Early Decision)
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