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Mentoring 101

Mentoring is a key component of Engaged Learning

For the mentor, it is the generous giving of time, knowledge gained over years of experience, and guidance outside of a traditional classroom environment.

For the mentee, it is a rare opportunity to learn directly from the expert, to get the occasional push to keep the project going, and to share the joy of accomplishing something big.

Who's it for?

for the student eager for a one-on-one learning experience with a faculty or staff member expert in the student's project.

In some cases, host supervisors also act as mentors when the student project is located in the community.

Learn about Responsible Mentoring, tips for mentees, and view current and past mentors.

NEWS FLASH!  Dr. Mark Kerins and Dr. Alexander Lippert receive the 2018 Excellence in Mentoring Award!

Excellence in Mentoring Award

Engaged Learning students work with campus mentors who are expert in the field of their projects. The Excellence in Mentoring Award annually recognizes one or two SMU mentors who have generously invested their time, feedback and guidance throughout the mentee's project and played a significant role in the mentee's professional and personal development.


Mentoring 101

Mentoring is a complex exercise for both the mentor and mentee. It's not management, it's guidance and being guided. It is a willing sharing of information and knowledge gained by the mentor over years of experience to set the mentee on a path that will solve a specific problem. For the mentee, it's not traditional learning. Mentors want to know you are hungry and committed.


Letter from EL

Dear Mentors,

Working with your own students may impact you in ways you cannot imagine when you start the journey. Your generous attention to your student's growth pays forward in multiple ways. And, who knows? As a mentor, you may even learn something new about yourself.


Engaged Learning


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