Engaged Learning Fellowship

For Current ELFs

This page includes resources and expectations for Engaged Learning Fellows.


Throughout your project, you will complete three Reflections. These provide a chance for you to discuss your project, your relationship with your mentor, and the impact your project is having on you, your field, and your community.

  • Reflection 1 - due at confirmation
  • Reflection 2 - due at midpoint
  • Reflection 3 - due with final report

The same form is used for all three reflections: Reflection Form.

Midpoint Meetings

We will meet with each ELF and their mentor in the middle of the process. The purpose of these meetings is to check up on your progress, see how the student-mentor relationship is developing, and to offer support. We conduct these meetings around these times:

  • Early/Regular Decision ELFs - October 1-15
  • Senior Cycle/Regular Decision ELFs - December 1-10
  • Senior/Early/Regular Decision ELFs - February 1-15

Public Presentation

ELFs are required to present their work in a public forum. Some ELFs coordinate their own events, while many choose to present during the Fall Research Symposium in October or Research Days in March. Visit our Undergraduate Research Resources page for more information on poster formats, etc.

Final Product

To complete an Engaged Learning Fellowship, students summarize their experience in a final, summative document or physical artifact that describes the project and its findings. The product can take different forms: research paper, community project or internship report, or other creative artifact. The form should reflect the nature of the experience. See our guidelines.

Other Resources

Office of Engaged Learning

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

SMU Libraries

Tips - Powerpoints and handouts