Engaged Learning Fellowship

Excellence in Mentoring Awards

Each year, the Office of Engaged Learning recognizes faculty members who have provided excellent mentorship to our Engaged Learning Fellows. The awards come with a small honorarium.



Dr. Kathleen Gallagher
Assistant Professor, Arts Management (Meadows)
Mentee: Julia Baca '20

Dr. John Wise
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences (Dedman)
Mentee: Jennifer Edgar '20


Dr. Brad Klein

Associate Director, SMU Embry Human Rights Program
Mentees: Averie Bishop, Neha Husein, Rachel Mumaw, Jaeidah Reed, 2019

Dr. Dona Mularkey
Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
Mentees: Meredith Burke and Ethan Leong, 2019

"New ELF Mentors"

Dr. Chrystyna Kouros
Associate Professor of Psychology
Mentee: Page Hurley, 2019

Dr. Pia Vogel
Professor of Biological Sciences
Mentee: Kasi Holcomb-Webb, 2019


Dr. Mark Kerins
Associate Professor of Film

Mentee: Kendall Kramer, 2018

Dr. Alexander Lippert
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Mentees:  Justin Musser, 2018
 Anthony Spearman, 2018


Dr. Rita Economos
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

Mentee: Madi Wewer, 2017

Dr. Bonnie Jacobs
Professor of Earth Sciences

Mentee: Uma Lad, 2017


Dr. Jill Kelly
Assistant Professor of History

Mentee: Sarah Rahimi, 2016


Mr. Lee Arning
Executive Director of Emergency Preparedness

Mentee: Kelly Kiser, 2015

Dr. Donna Gober  
Senior Lecturer & Director of Wellness

Mentee: Courtney Thrower, 2015

Dr. Victoria Lockwood
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Graduate Studies

Mentee: Paige Bluejacket, 2015


Dr. Sheri Kunovich
Associate Professor of Sociology

Mentee: Rebecca Swarm, 2014

Dr. Andy Liu  
Research Associate Professor of Physics

Mentee: Joshua Abramovitch, 2014

Dr. Owen Lynch
Associate Professor and Director of Honors Program and SMU London Internships

Mentees: Jackie Ross, 2013; Lauryn Bodden, 2014; Basma Raza, 2014; Marc Bullard, 2015; Katherine Davis, 2015; Irisa Ona, 2015


Dr. Gretchen Smith
Associate Professor, Head of Theatre Studies

Mentees: Afomia Hailemeskel, 2013; Janielle Kastner, 2013; Claire Carson, 2014; Thomas Gelo, 2014; Kristen Kelso, 2014; Mei Mei Pollitt, 2015

Dr. Thomas Osang  
Associate Professor of Economics

Mentee: Jean Paul Destarac, 2012


Dr. Monnie McGee
Associate Professor of Statistical Sciences

Mentee: Michael McCarthy, pilot program