Engaged Learning Fellowship

2019 Projects

Kaitlyn Contreras

The Direct and Collateral Benefits of Deliberate Practice in Surgical Virtual Reality

Mitchell Dye

Electric Motorcycle Conversion

Emma Kate Few

Global Expansion of Sports

Sanaa Ghanim

Give a Pencil: West Bank and Israel

Matthew Manelli

A Study of Contemporary Spanish Theatre

Caroline Matthews

Foodways Abroad: An Ethnographic Study on Study Abroad’s Effect on Students’ Relationship with Food and Other Cultures

Tannah Oppliger

College Access Programming for Immigrant and Refugee Youth: A North Texas Case Study

Micah Oxner

Breast Cancer Biology Research in Aberdeen, Scotland

Lauren Philpott

Friendship Benches

Alexandra Randolph

Contemporary French Identity: How France’s Colonial History and Postcolonial Policy Affect French Identity

Trey Rose

Synthesis of Polyimide Fluorescent Dye Nanoparticles

Carole Sale

Moral Distress of Health Care Providers for Parents of Children with Severe Disabilities

Jay Sherman

Bridge the Gap Chamber Players: Inspiring the Dallas Community through Breaking the Music Barrier

Jose Velazquez

Project Newton

Avery Wacker

Mesophiles and Thermophiles in an Urban Environment

Peter Wetherbee

Big Reputation: An Examination of Perception in Art Museum Development