Engaged Learning Fellowship

Engaged Learning Fellowship

The Engaged Learning Fellowship (ELF) is an undergraduate student's SMU legacy work. The student engages in capstone-level scholarly research, community service or civic engagement, professional internship, or other creative project that moves learning beyond the classroom.

SMU funds ELFs up to $2000 per project and records ELF titles on student transcripts and commencement booklets

Who's it for?

for students ready to take on big projects that link together their passion, education and personal goals

Students typically begin their fellowship sophomore or junior year and complete it the semester of their graduation. To complete a fellowship, students are required to bring their work to an end point, present their findings in a public forum, and turn in a final product of their accomplishment.

Find out how it works, how to apply, and meet the staff.

NEWS FLASH!  Congratulations Big iDeas Business Plan Winners (Listed by Principal Investigator, followed by team members): Just Drive by Neha Husein; SPOT by Alex Martin, John Fischer, and Paxton Murphy; Operation Town Hall by Geetsikha Pathak; Signo Capital by Alex Williams. LEARN MORE

Engaged Learning Week

Feb 6-8, 2018 HT Forum

Engaged Learning Week is a three-day event that showcases student scholarship and achievement. It is the venue for Engaged Learning Fellows to present their findings to the campus community. 


ELF Graduation Luncheon

May 17, 2018: 11:30 am -1 pm, Mack Ballroom

The Graduation Luncheon is a celebration of Engaged Learning's seniors who have successfully participated in one of the Engaged Learning programs. Student's families, mentors, and host organizations are all invited.


Engaged Learning Fall Symposium


The Fall Symposium is the venue for students from Engaged Learning, Undergraduate Research, the University Honors Program and the Maguire Center Public Service Fellowship programs to present their work to the campus community.


Meet-Up: Networking Reception

April 5, HT Varsity

The Meet-Up introduces the new Engaged Learning students and their projects to SMU. Students, faculty and staff are all invited.


ELF Calendar 2017-2018

Mar 6 

EL Info Session: EL Q&As
12:30-1:30 pm, Clem G11

Mar 9  New ELF Students Notified (Regular Decision)
Mar 19
New ELF Orientation
4 pm, Clem G11  

Mar 20

New ELF Orientation
9 am, Clem G11
Mar 20 New ELF Orientation
12:30 pm, Clem G11   
Mar 27

EL Info Session: Final Product Q&As
12:30-1:30 pm, Clem G11 
Apr 1
ELF Final Products and Receipts due for
May graduates
Apr 3
EL Info Session: Managing Your Project
12:30-1:30 pm, Clem G11 
Apr 3-6 ELF Midpoint Meetings
Apr 5 ELF Meet-up
5 pm, Hughes-Trigg Varsity 
Apr 9-11 ELF Midpoint Meetings 
Apr 17
EL Info Session: Telling Your Story Through Blogs and Social Media
12:30-1:30 pm, Clem G11 
May 4  ELAC Happy Hour
5 pm 
May 17

ELF Graduation Luncheon
11:30 am-1 pm
Mack Ballroom 

Earn University Curriculum Credit

Engaged Learning Fellowships count towards Community Engagement, Oral Communication, Information Literacy, and Writing in the University Curriculum