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Big iDeas

Calling all BIG iDEA thinkers!

Do you have world changing ideas? Would your ideas make something better or bring value to society? Are your ideas viable and will they bring positive impact to others? Are you ready to go from idea - to action - to reality?

Then the Big iDeas contests, seed money, training, mentoring and CUBE access are for you! Scroll down to learn more.

Big iDeas believes that entrepreneurship training and experience will unlock the intelligence and potential to shape world changers - and the world changer is you!

Who's it for?

For undergraduate students of all majors and all GPAs.

Find out how it works, how to apply and meet the staff.

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Pitch Contest

Sep 28, 2018: 2 - 5 pm, HT Forum

Annual campus-wide Big iDeas Pitch Contest for undergraduates to pitch Big iDeas, win $1000 in prize money, build a prototype and participate in the Demo Day Fair in February 2018.

The Pitch Contest funding phase begins upon winner confirmation and closes on Dec 15, 2017.


Business Plan Competition

Feb 9, 2018: 9:00 am - 11:00 am; Texana Room, Fondren Library

Annual campus-wide Big iDeas Business Plan Competition for student teams to pitch their plans and win $5000 in prize money to get their business started over the next year. 2018 Big iDeas Business Plan winners showcase thier start-up at the the Demo Day Fair, February 2019.

The Business Plan Competition funding phase begins upon winner confirmation and closes on Dec 15, 2018.


Demo Day Fair

Feb 9, 2018: 11:30 am - 1:00 pm; Starbucks, Fondren Library

Annual Big iDeas Demo Day Fair  is open to the SMU community and public. Recent Big iDeas Pitch contest winners (Sep 2017) talk about thier prototypes, pilots and other work accomplished. 2017 Business Plan Competition winners showcase progress in thier start-up and the 2018 Big iDeas Business Plan winners are announced.


BI Calendar 2018-2019

Sept 28 - Family Weekend
Big iDeas Pitch Contest
Feb 15 Big iDeas Business Plan Competition
Feb 15 Big iDeas Demo Day