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Application Process

  1. Develop your project ideas.
  2. Identify your mentor and give your faculty or staff mentor the Mentor Letter of Recommendation form. 
  3. Review application materials.
  4. Review IRB protocol.
  5. Review Engaged Learning Final Product Guidelines.
  6. Write up a proposal using the Project Proposal and Template form.
  7. Complete the Funding Request form, if you need funding for your project.* 
  8. Respect application deadlines. 
  9. Ready? Click Apply Now! and register your project online. 
  10. Follow up with your mentor to email us a letter of recommendation. Also, follow up with your host organization, if you are working with one. 
  11. Check your email for application status.
  12. Upon project approval, confirm your participation.

* Funds may NOT be used for:

-   Tuition, textbooks or other academic course    
-   Meals, alcohol, entertainment
-   Personal computers, phones, other electronics
-   Personal housing unrelated to project
-   Salaries, per diem
-   Cash gifts, hand-outs, microloans, etc.
-   Car rental, personal car mileage

NOTE: Projects requiring IRB approval are funded after approval is granted. 

Application Materials

Project Terms and Proposal Format 

A proposal is a well-articulated description of the project, from beginning to end. It includes your project's purpose, goals, methodology, timeline and bibliography. 

Funding Request

Approved projects are eligible to receive up to $2,000 for project expenses, such as supplies, fees, travel, etc. 

Engaged Learning grant dispersal:

  • Award received upon approval, $250
  • Reimbursement for money spent during project, up to $1,500
  • Award received after completion, $250

Note: If your project involves human subject research, it requires IRB approval. Confirmation of IRB approval must be submitted to the Office of Engaged Learning prior to dispersal of funds.

Mentor Letter of Recommendation 

The Mentor Letter of Recommendation is a letter from the Office of Engaged Learning that you give to your mentor. The letter describes the commitment of the mentor to the project and the information needed in the recommendation.

Host Agency Letter of Support

If the project is hosted by a community partner, the Host Agency Letter of Support is from the Office of Engaged Learning that you give to your project supervisor. The letter describes the information needed.

Reflection Exercises

Reflection exercises connect what you are doing, the impact you are having and what you are learning. Throughout your project, you will complete three Reflection Exercises.


Scoring Template

Student Learning Outcomes

Engaged Learning Final Product Guidelines