Office of Engaged Learning

Facilitates Engaged Learning Fellowships, Big iDeas projects and businesses, and Clinton Global Initiative University projects

Connects students who have project ideas with faculty and staff mentors, with campus programs, and with community partners

Acts as clearinghouse for information about student engagement beyond the classroom


EL provides the institutional framework for SMU undergraduates to complete signature work, a significant project that demonstrates application of knowledge, skills and responsibilities to a real-world situation, through capstone-level research, service, internships, creative and entrepreneurial projects.


All SMU undergraduates complete at least one signature work as part of their SMU education. Students have SMU encouragement to connect a personal passion with academic learning and SMU support to turn it into a project of their own.


In 2011, SMU chose Engaged Learning Beyond the Classroom as its quality enhancement plan, a requirement of SACS reaccreditation. Engaged Learning is a campus-wide initiative to enhance student learning through experiential learning opportunities.

Engaged Learning complements SMU efforts to enrich other undergraduate programs such as the University Curriculum, residential learning communities, SMU-in-Taos and SMU Abroad. Students benefit from a transformed learning experience that emphasizes the increasingly interdependent, reciprocal and experiential nature of higher learning in a liberal arts tradition.


Engaged Learning Advisory Committee (ELAC)

Provides advice and guidance in the development and implementation of Engaged Learning policies, programming, and assessment of its overall educational impact.

Engaged Learning Student Board

Student Board is the student voice for Engaged Learning (EL) and its programs - Engaged Learning Fellowship (ELF), Clinton Global Initiatives Univeristy (CGI U) and Big iDeas.

Engaged Learning's Physical Addresses (see maps below)

Office of Engaged Learning
Clements Hall, G13
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Big iDeas CUBE
Expressway Tower, Suite 600
6116 N Central Expressway
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Fall and Spring Office Hours:

    Mon-Fri: 8:30 am – 5 pm

Summer Office Hours:

    Mon-Thu: 8:30 am – 6 pm

    Fri: 8:30 am – 12 pm


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Office of Engaged Learning

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