Excellence in Mentoring Awards

Each year, the Office of Engaged Learning recognizes faculty members who have provided excellent mentorship to our Engaged Learning Fellows. The awards come with a small honorarium.


Dr. Kathleen Gallagher
Assistant Professor, Arts Management (Meadows)
Mentee: Julia Baca '20

Dr. John Wise
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences (Dedman)
Mentee: Jennifer Edgar '20


Dr. Brad Klein

Associate Director, SMU Embry Human Rights Program
Mentees: Averie Bishop, Neha Husein, Rachel Mumaw, Jaeidah Reed, 2019

Dr. Dona Mularkey
Senior Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering
Mentees: Meredith Burke and Ethan Leong, 2019

"New ELF Mentors"

Dr. Chrystyna Kouros
Associate Professor of Psychology
Mentee: Page Hurley, 2019

Dr. Pia Vogel
Professor of Biological Sciences
Mentee: Kasi Holcomb-Webb, 2019


Dr. Mark Kerins
Associate Professor of Film

Mentee: Kendall Kramer, 2018

Dr. Alexander Lippert
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Mentees:  Justin Musser, 2018
 Anthony Spearman, 2018


Dr. Rita Economos
Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences

Mentee: Madi Wewer, 2017

Dr. Bonnie Jacobs
Professor of Earth Sciences

Mentee: Uma Lad, 2017


Dr. Jill Kelly
Assistant Professor of History

Mentee: Sarah Rahimi, 2016


Mr. Lee Arning
Executive Director of Emergency Preparedness

Mentee: Kelly Kiser, 2015

Dr. Donna Gober  
Senior Lecturer & Director of Wellness

Mentee: Courtney Thrower, 2015

Dr. Victoria Lockwood
Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of Graduate Studies

Mentee: Paige Bluejacket, 2015


Dr. Sheri Kunovich
Associate Professor of Sociology

Mentee: Rebecca Swarm, 2014

Dr. Andy Liu  
Research Associate Professor of Physics

Mentee: Joshua Abramovitch, 2014

Dr. Owen Lynch
Associate Professor and Director of Honors Program and SMU London Internships

Mentees: Jackie Ross, 2013; Lauryn Bodden, 2014; Basma Raza, 2014; Marc Bullard, 2015; Katherine Davis, 2015; Irisa Ona, 2015


Dr. Gretchen Smith
Associate Professor, Head of Theatre Studies

Mentees: Afomia Hailemeskel, 2013; Janielle Kastner, 2013; Claire Carson, 2014; Thomas Gelo, 2014; Kristen Kelso, 2014; Mei Mei Pollitt, 2015

Dr. Thomas Osang  
Associate Professor of Economics

Mentee: Jean Paul Destarac, 2012


Dr. Monnie McGee
Associate Professor of Statistical Sciences

Mentee: Michael McCarthy, pilot program