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Want a personalized consultation on a teaching issue?  CTE can help you with various aspects of your teaching.  Faculty members may request individual or small-group consultations for assistance with things like course design, developing syllabi, generating creative assignments, revising learning objectives, understanding student evaluations, classroom teaching skills, developing rubrics, and more. 

To learn more, please give us some general information about yourself and the type of assistance you are seeking.

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Peer Feedback Program

CTE’s Classroom Observation Program provides confidential assistance to full-time faculty members wishing to evaluate and improve their classroom teaching. The review will include a pre-class meeting, observation, and post-class feedback, emphasizing areas of concern to the observed faculty member. The observer will NOT be a member of the same academic department as the requester.

Upon receipt of your request, CTE will locate an appropriate observer for your teaching.  You and the observer will be given the information needed to contact each other. From this point on, the procedure will be defined by the two parties in complete confidence.

The scope of a Peer Feedback process can vary from person to person, but it will generally include these elements:

Initial interview. The observer will conduct an initial interview with the requestor. This interview will explore such personal views as teaching goals and philosophy, teaching experience and history, balance of undergraduate and graduate teaching, range of courses offered, and the like. For this interview, the requestor will submit syllabi and class rolls for current classes, and the two will agree upon specific class meetings to be visited. The requestor's teaching goals for the visited class will be identified before the visit.

Class meetings. The evaluator will agree to visit one class for each course currently being taught by the requestor, or of a selected course.

Student meetings. CTE encourages the inclusion of student feedback as part of the process. For at least one class, by prior arrangement, the evaluator may conduct an informal feedback session with class members during the final 20 minutes of class, in the absence of the instructor. Alternatively, the evaluator and/or requestor may use a different method to gather student assessments of their learning.

Written report. The written report will remain confidential. CTE will keep only a record of the names of the candidates and evaluators, and the dates, for archival purposes.

To request a Peer Feedback match, please give us some general information about yourself and the type of assistance you are seeking.

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