Presentation Software


Garr Reynolds, Presentation Zen, What Is Good PowerPoint Design?

Twelve Active Learning Strategies for PowerPoint (examples and explanations from the University of Minnesota)

Ronald A. Berk, Top 10 Evidence-Based, Best Practices for PowerPoint in the Classroom (principles of slide design, from a Johns Hopkins professor emeritus)

Dave Paradi, Think Outside the Slide (video advice from a PowerPoint guru) (scroll down for numerous short videos showing re-designed slides)

Sharon Huston, Active Learning with PowerPoint (six examples of classroom activities growing out of PowerPoint presentations)

Rethinking the Design of PowerPoint: The Assertion-Evidence Structure  (Penn State prof's advice: death to bullet points)

Don McMillan (comedian), Life After Death PowerPoint ("what not to do" video)

Other Tools

Prezi ("make your presentations zoom")

Thoughts on Using Prezi as a Presentation Tool (in the form of a Prezi presentation)

Prezi:  Substance & Style (taking advantage of this tool without inducing nausea)

Comparison Chart:  PowerPoint and Prezi

Xtranormal (animation tool for you and your students)

Xtranormal Powers Higher Education Learning