Provost's Teaching Recognition Award

The Provost’s Recognition Award honors full-time non-tenure-track faculty who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a consummate dedication to teaching and learning. The non-tenure-track candidate must have taught credited courses full time for a minimum of 5 continuous years prior to his/her year of nomination. This award provides an opportunity to honor the contributions to teaching at SMU made by these important colleagues. The award carries a $1,000 stipend.


2020 Recipients

Mark Allen, Meadows School of the Arts

Professor Allen is a senior lecturer in the Department of Advertising in Meadows. His materials noted the impact he has on students winning outside awards and prizes thanks to his direction and mentorship. The committee noted how beautiful his syllabi were and his attention to the particulars of his discipline teaching creativity. Of note, his teaching statement described the challenges of teaching an abstract concept like creativity and showed clear evidence of his commitment to his students. Both inside and outside of the classroom, Professor Allen’s commitment to student success was apparent.


Professor Eiserloh is a professor of practice in programming in the Guildhall. He is a great communicator with his students and helps prepare students for the professional world of video game development through collaboration projects. The materials note how he consistently goes above and beyond to give intensive feedback to students. He is noted as one of the best faculty in Guildhall who brings his professional experience to the classroom.

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