Provost's Teaching Recognition Award

Provost's Teaching Recognition Award

The Provost’s Recognition Award honors full-time non-tenure-track faculty who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and a consummate dedication to teaching and learning. The non-tenure-track candidate must have taught credited courses full time for a minimum of 5 continuous years prior to his/her year of nomination. This award provides an opportunity to honor the contributions to teaching at SMU made by these important colleagues. The award carries a $1,000 stipend.


2017 Recipient

James Hart
Meadows School of the Arts

Professor Hart joined the SMU community in 2012 and quickly transformed to an effective teacher, with his recommender noting that he has an empathy for his students, passion for the subject, and an optimistic spirit. Students are incredibly passionate about Professor Hart, often noting how he inspires and stimulates the mind. He successfully created games to teach various aspects of entrepreneurship, and convinces Meadows students “to view themselves as entrepreneurs even in the pursuit of art.” In addition, he has written a book on the topic, and those materials have been used in workshops and at other institutions.

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