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Golden Mustang Award

Golden Mustang Award

The Golden Mustangs, SMU alumni who graduated at least fifty years ago, have established an award for the advancement of teaching and learning.

This award of $1000 is given each year to a junior, tenure-track faculty member, whose teaching is consistently excellent; whose courses reflect thoughtful curricular development; and whose scholarship makes a meaningful contribution to the discipline and to student learning.


2016 Recipient


Assistant Professor Orly Mazur
Dedman School of Law

Professor Mazur joined the SMU faculty in 2013 in the Dedman School of Law. She utilizes a variety of teaching techniques in her classes, providing students the material in a way that both engages and clarifies. A colleague noted that she “adds big picture policy issues to the students’ understanding of the issues they will face in practice.” Additionally, student evaluations reflect her thoughtful dedication to the classroom and willingness to help them understand the material. Furthermore, she has provided valuable training for adjunct faculty in her area, pitching in to provide professional development even while on leave. 

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