About the Provost

Other Speeches

"How Business Schools Can Be More Entrepreneurial." Robert E. and Charlotte Lowder Endowed Lecture, Culverhouse College of Commerce, University of Alabama, 2014.

"Building the Silicon Valley of Food and Agriculture." Presented at the National Council on Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer’s conference: "University Start-ups Conference," Washington, DC, March 22, 2013.

"A City-University Partnership Focused on Regional Sustainability and Growth" presentation to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House Conference Center, Washington, DC., March 14, 2011.

"Opening Remarks at Governors' Global Climate Summit, University of California, Davis" November 16, 2010.

"Capitalizing the Green Dream -- Governors' Global Climate Summit, University of California, Davis" November 16, 2010.

"Geographical Clusters of High-Technology Business: The United Kingdom and London": Presentation about universities and technology commercialization in the U.K., keynote speech at Lithuania's National Forum on Science and Technology-Based Entrepreneurship at Vilnius, Lithuania, May 29, 2008.

"Economic Prosperity in the United Kingdom and the Role of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Graduates": Remarks to United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Select Committee on Innovation, Universities, and Skills. January 9, 2008. Portcullis House, Westminster London.

"Nanotechnology and the Future Context of DG SANCO: The Role of Consumers' Perceptions": Presented at the European Commission's in Brussels, Belgium, 2007. (DG SANCO is The Directorate General of Health and Consumer Protection -- Santé et Protection des Consommateurs -- for all of Europe.)

"What Drives Public Acceptance of Nanotechology?": Presented at press conference at the Woodrow Wilson Center International Center for Scholars, Program on Emerging Nanotechnologies, Washington, DC, December 5, 2006.

"Leveraging University Partnerships to Build Life Science Commericalization Teams": Presented at the Ireland BioLink Conference, Dublin, Ireland, November 10, 2004.

"Lessons To Be Learned From the Rise and Fall of High Profile Corporate Entities: The Scandals and How to Identify Red Flags in Revenue Reporting and Financial Statements": Presented at National Association of Corporate Directors conference (Houston), September 14, 2004.