Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center

Study Skills Resources

You can now print out the study skills resources the A-LEC uses in HDEV 1110, workshops, and academic counseling. If you need advice on how to use them, request an appointment by visiting and select Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center, or call 214-768-3648.


Time Awareness 24/7 weekly calendar (PDF) (1 hr increments)

Time Awareness 24/7 weekly calendar (Excel) (30 minute increments)

Weekly To-Do List (PDF)

Daily To-Do List (PDF)

5 Day Test Prep Planning Information and Scheduling Calendar (PDF)

Anticipating and Planning for Classes Information and Grid (PDF)

SQ4R Study Reading (PDF)

Managing Test Anxiety (PDF)

Cornell Note-Taking (PDF)

Online Resources

SMU has recently signed a campus agreement for, which has over 3,500 online courses in software, technology, creative and business skills.  Users can develop playlists and share videos and courses with others.  Each course varies in length; however, there are videos within each course that are anywhere between 1-20 minutes long.  Login at   You will be asked for your SMU ID and password.  Below are suggestions from our learning specialists that compliment information from our workshops:

Study Skills Fundamentals:
Efficient Time Management:
Time Management Fundamentals:
Overcoming Procrastination:
Managing To-Do Lists:
Efficient Reading Tips:
Top 10 Apps for Enhanced Productivity:
Google Apps for Students:
The Neuroscience of Learning:
Improving your Memory:
GRE Test Prep:
Excel 2016 Training:
Writing Research Papers: