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The staff of the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center is pleased to award the PAT (Pretty Amazing Teacher) Award to recognize members of the SMU faculty who demonstrate particular care and concern for students’ academic support needs. 

The willingness of these generous faculty members to refer students to support services and to encourage students to use these services to foster academic success makes them worthy of a PAT.

This award also celebrates the work of Pat Feldman, Senior Associate Director of the A-LEC, whose devotion to providing comprehensive and compassionate academic support for students in her 28-year career at SMU made her an all-around Pretty Amazing Teacher herself.

The 2016-2017 Award Recipient is

Dr. Stephanie Langen-Hooper, Art History













The 2015-2016 Award Recipient is

Dr. Joci Caldwell-Ryan, Women's and Gender Studies

Sue Bierman, Joci Caldwell-Ryan, Ann Shattles




The 2014-2015 Award Recipients are

Debra Branch, Sociology


David Brockman, Religious Studies

Ann Shattles, Deb Branch, Sue Bierman

Ann Shattles, David Brockman, Sue Bierman


2013 Award Recipients

Dr. Brian Fennig


Dr. John Wise

Brian Fennig and Pat Feldman

Dr. John Wise


We're extremely proud to announce that the A-LEC's

Patricia Feldman

has been recognized with the 2013 Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award

Congratulations, Pat!

The purpose of the Loretta  O’Reilly Hawkins Award is to recognize and reward excellence among university employees. As a private university, it is vital that SMU employees provide the highest level service to all internal and external constituents; as such, this award seeks to commend employees who demonstrate the university’s commitment to excellence. 

This award recognizes employees who represent the qualities and spirit of Loretta O’Reilly Hawkins, her love of SMU, her commitment to the community, and her high standards for work and life.


Congratulations to the A-LEC's

Ann Shattles

SMU and the LEC recently celebrated Ann Shattles’ 25th anniversary with the university.  Ann began her career as a Mustang in the English Department before the LEC wisely stole her away!  Ann’s education and experience has helped create the outstanding service provided to students by the Writing Center and all the writing tutors.  She has worked closely with Residence Life and Student Housing and has won awards for her work with student services as well as for her teaching in both LEC courses and in Discernment and Discourse.  She has been instrumental in the design and teaching for our HDEV 1110 ORACLE class that has continued to grow in popularity.  Almost all of the LEC publications have been created and updated by Ann.  Congratulations and “THANK YOU,” Ann for your service to SMU and our students!