While DASS is the primary resource for SMU students with disabilities, we also work closely with parents and families as well as SMU faculty and staff. Plus, there are many places to find help and support off-campus, in addition to those on-campus.

DASS has compiled a list of resources that are on campus and off campus including websites that offer general information about disabilities, disability-specific information, financial aid information, career resources, and assistive technologies and information. We also offer our guide for parents and families of SMU students with disabilities.

For general information (prevelance, symptoms, strengths, etc) about learning disabilities and ADHD please look at our information sheets: Learning Disability and ADHD. In addition to general information, we have created a document discussing and dispelling several myths about these disabilities.

In order for students to have equal access to their education, there are responsibilities of the University, the DASS office, the student, and the faculty member and corresponding department or school. Here you'll find a a non-exhaustive list of some roles and responsibilities of each entity.