Cloud Application for Complex Systems Integration


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March 23, 2020 

10 weeks
Priority Rate (until two weeks before start date): $1,080
Standard Registration: $1,330
Hours of instruction:
30 hours of online content total, including 5 hours of live/virtual classroom training with your instructor
This course is designed to introduce participants to exponentially growing cloud computing technologies. Cloud computing is changing the way organizations procure and use computing resources. In addition to moving to subscription economy, organizations also benefit from the agility and elasticity of moving to the Cloud. Certificates of completion will be distributed at the conclusion of the course to those participants who have successfully earned a passing grade.

Key Benefits

  • Understand foundational concepts of Cloud Application
  • Thoughtfully connect these foundational concepts to some aspect of your company's goals: toward either individual responsibilities or enterprise mission
  • Understand more complex issues in Cloud Application
  • Apply specific Cloud Application focus to a project which is either currently active or a case study

Who Should Attend?

  • Cloud computing is changing the way organizations procure and use computing resources. It is imperative that every person in an organization has sufficient knowledge. This mini-certificate is open to a range of people working as data analysts, individual contributors and managers within IT, and those working in product development. 
  • Those learning for their personal enjoyment.

Entrance Requirements

  • Students should have basic keyboarding and computer skills, be comfortable navigating the Internet and using email. You will need access to download and install certain tools/files such as the free Amazon AWS account in order to do projects and work.

Where are these courses offered?

  • Online through SMU Pro

Mini-Certificate Program Completion Requirements:

  • Required Online Courses and Workshops:
    1. Cloud overview: what is cloud, cloud characteristics, cloud tech overview.
    2. Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services demo, Google cloud demo.
    3. Storage and network: storage demo, network VPC demo.
    4. Security and Cloud Management: Platform as a service (Paas), Key concepts and cloud security concerns, cloud security overview, DOS, security group and IAM demo.
    5. Mid-point class project
    6. Application Development: intro to DevOps, Microservices, Docker Containers, Docker demo.
    7. Container Management: Kubernetes, CICD, Kubernetes demo.
    8. Data Management: data pipeline, fundamentals of Hadoop, MapReduce.
    9. Data Management II: Managed Hadoop demo.
    10. Project II
  • 5 hours of virtual training with your instructor in our live online classroom 


You will have 10 weeks from your first day of class to successfully complete the program.


  • Priority Rate (until two weeks before start date): $1,080
  • Standard Registration: $1,330

Payments and Financing

  • Students may qualify for a Smart Options Continuing Education Student Loan, offered by Sallie Mae. Your Sallie Mae Loan application must be completed and approved 14 days before the first day of the program. Contact our admissions team for details.
  • SMU faculty, staff, students and alumni save 10%!
  • Some students may qualify for veterans’ benefits. For more information, please contact Robert Hurst, SMU Veterans Assistance and Outreach Coordinator, at 214-768-1104.
  • Corporate billing is available

General Policies

  • Students must register before attending a course. Instructors cannot accept registration fees. SMU reserves the right to substitute instructors, change course locations, cancel courses, adjust curricula or schedules, or limit enrollment.

What skills do online learners need?

Most courses require a basic level of computer skills, including the ability to send and receive email, as well as conduct research on the Internet. If more advanced skills are required, they will be listed in the course description. If you are uncertain, we recommend that you discuss the skills required for a course with our admissions advisors.

How do students interact with instructors?

During the 10 weeks of online learning students may interact with their instructor via email, or through the LMS (Canvas), and they will also receive personal feedback on their completed projects in Canvas from their instructors.

When it says the mini-certificate is 30 hours long, does it mean I have to sit at my computer for 30 hours?

No, it means that the author of the course has stated that he or she expects you to be able to complete the course in 30 hours. This time frame may include homework, research, reading, or in some cases, additional development and reflection time.

Do I need an email account for my online course?

Yes, all students taking online courses must have an email account. Email accounts may be obtained by signing up for a free account through a free internet service provider, such as Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail or

What are the advantages to online learning?

With online learning, you can study from home or work. You can log on and off as often as you need to, and the course will pick up right where you left off. Lastly, the courses are web-based, so you can log on from any computer that has access to the internet.

What kind of certificate do I get when I have completed the course?

Once you have completed your required courses, a Certificate of completion in Cloud Applications for Complex Systems Integration from Southern Methodist University will be awarded.

Whom do I contact if I have a problem with my course?

You can contact the instructor for course/content questions, and SMU helpdesk if they need help with technical/Canvas malfunctions or something not working in the system.

If I have questions about a course, whom can I contact?

Talk to a Program Advisor at or 214-768-1184.

What if I need to suspend my attendance, cancel my registration or withdraw?

For students paying via self-pay: SMU PRO Certificate program enrollment is final as of three (3) business days after enrollment and programs are intended to be successfully completed in full. If you wish to withdraw from a course within 3 days of enrollment you will receive a refund minus the cost of any completed course work. If applicable, any shipped materials must be returned in new condition, at your own expense, prior to the refund being processed. The cost of items not returned or returned in used condition shall be deducted from the refund amount. After the 3-day grace period, withdrawal from the programs or not completing the program forfeits your tuition costs. We do not provide any prorated refunds or credits for partial certificate program completion.

I am located in a country outside of the United States and would like to register for a course. What do I do?

As this class has an in-person, on campus (SMU) component this full mini-certificate is not open to international students. The mini-certificate is offered in a modular format, students may choose to register in the first online component only, but will not receive the certificate of completion.

Dr. Sohail Rafiqi

Dr. Sohail Rafiqi is a sales consultant at Oracle focusing on Database, Cloud and Big Data solutions. He is the creator of the MSDS Clouds computing course and an active adjunct faculty member since 2016.

He received a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering from Southern Methodist University in 2015, where he was co-advised by Dr. Suku Nair, Dr. Eric Larson and Dr. Ephrem Fernandez (UTSA). He also holds a B.S. in computer science and mathematics as well as an M.S. in computer science and engineering from Southern Methodist University.

His doctoral research involved an interdisciplinary study of pervasive cognitive load measurement using pupillometry. He is currently developing a platform, under the supervision of Dr. Eric Larson, that can detect the cognitive load of a person using a mobile phone without the aid of any specialized hardware.

Before joining Oracle, Dr. Rafiqi was head of product development and support at Optimal Path Inc., a database-on-demand company delivering a full suite of communications management applications to enterprises. He has been involved in product management and development for the last 20 years. Before Optimal Path, he held senior management positions in AudioCodes, Westwave Communications and Alcatel. He has also co-founded two startups and participated in two successful M&As.

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Cloud Application for Complex Systems Integration

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Did you know?


median salary for cloud computing professionals in 2018 - source


of organizations are currently taking the multi-cloud approach. Source

Related job titles include Enterprise IT Architect, DevOps Engineer and Cloud Security Engineer or Analyst.


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