Student Engagement


Worship, planned by students and faculty, is an important part of the Perkins community. We worship together at 11:30 am every Wednesday and Thursday. Perkins Chapel is the heart of the SMU campus and is a means by which the entire SMU community comes together. Services are open to all.

Perkins Chapel is also the site for more intimate 20-25 minute services held Tuesdays through Fridays at 8 am.

Morning Worship Services at 8 am:

Led by Clint Bordelon

Thursdays:  Order of Saint Luke (Dr. Mark Stamm, Tom Webster, and friends)

Fridays:  Word and Table, Dr. Barry Hughes or Bill Bryan

Upcoming Chapel Services at 11:30 am:

Wednesday, August 26 (Feast of Beginnings):
Word and Table
Preaching and Presiding:  Dean Lawrence
Music:  Master of Sacred Music students

Thursday, August 27:
Word and Table
Perkins Order of Saint Luke chapter
Preaching:  Tom Webster, student

Wednesday, September 2:
Stations Service
led by Kallie Green and Heather Gottas, students

Thursday, September 3:
Word and Table
Preaching and Presiding:  Dr. Ted Campbell

Chapel Assistant Duties