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Susanne Scholz

Susanne Scholz

Professor of Old Testament



Ph.D., M.Phil., S.T.M., Union Theological Seminary, New York; M.Div (equivalent), University of Heidelberg, Germany

Teaching Specialties

Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; gender in biblical literature; Hebrew Bible in film; historiography; narrative literature; social location and biblical hermeneutics

Research Interests

Feminist hermeneutics; epistemologies and sociologies of interpretation; cultural and literary studies; violence against women in sacred texts

Selected Publications


:: Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Retrospect: Biblical Books (Volume 1). Editor. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, 2013.
:: God Loves Diversity and Justice: Progressive Scholars Speak about Faith, Politics, and the World. Editor. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2013.
:: Sacred Witness: Rape in the Hebrew Bible (Fortress, 2010).
:: Introducing the Women’s Hebrew Bible (T&T Clark, 2007).
:: Biblical Studies Alternatively: An Introductory Reader (ed.; Prentice Hall, 2003).
:: Rape Plots: A Feminist Cultural Study of Genesis 34 (Lang, 2000/2002).
:: Zwischenräume: Deutsche feministische Theologinnen im Ausland (co-ed.; LIT, 2000).


:: “’Stirring Up Vital Energies’: Feminist Biblical Studies in North America.” In The Bible and Women. An Encyclopedia of Exegesis and Cultural History: The Twentieth Century (Vol. 10), ed. Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2014.
:: “Eve’s Daughters Liberated? The Book of Genesis in Feminist Exegesis.” In Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible in Retrospect: Biblical Books (Volume 1), ed. Susanne Scholz. Sheffield: Sheffield Phoenix Press, November 2013.
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:: “Lederhosen Hermeneutics: Toward a Feminist Sociology of White Male German Old Testament Studies.” In Lung Kwong Lo, Nancy N. H. Tan, and Ying Zhang (ed.), Crossing Textual Boundaries: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor for Archie Chi Chung  Lee for His Sixtieth Birthday, 334-353. Hong Kong: Divinity School of Chung Chi College, 2010.
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::”A ‘Third-Kind’ of Feminist Reading: Toward a Sociology of Feminist Biblical Hermeneutics.“ Currents of Biblical Research 9, no. 4 (October 2010): 1-22.
:: “The Bible as Men’s Word? Feminism and the Translation of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.” lectio difficilior: European Feminist Journal for Feminist Exegesis (October 2010): http://www.lectio.unibe.ch

Professional Distinctions

Member of the SBL Committee on the Status of Women in the Profession Committee since January 2013; Chair of the North American Section of the European Society of Women in Theological Research (NA ESWTR) since 2002; Editorial Board Member of the e-journal lectio difficilior: European Feminist Journal for Feminist Exegesis since September 2004; SMU Faculty Senator since Fall 2010 (on the Executive Board from 2011-2013).

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