Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Organized Interest Groups

 Perkins is filled with students who are active in their church, community, and seminary. Students have the advantage of being a part of the Perkins Student Association (PSA), the governing student body at Perkins. PSA has elected student officers and appointed representatives who are interested in always making sure that Perkins is in touch with the needs of its student body.

The following interest groups are part of the Perkins Student Association: 

ARC (Affirming Religious Community) 
The mission of Affirming Religious Community is to provide social, educational, and theological opportunities with an affirming perspective on sexual orientation to Perkins students and their partners. Perkins students who express interest and comply with the ARC Safety Covenant may obtain membership.


BSA (Black Seminarians Association) 
The Black Seminarians Association is an ecumenical, interdisciplinary organization that addresses issues, concerns, and goals of students of African descent within Perkins School of Theology and the SMU Community. 

L@s Seminaristas
L@s Seminaristas is an ecumenical student organization dedicated to serving Christ by strengthening and encouraging student leadership.  The group has a focused interest in various aspects of Latino/a ministry including Christian worship, preaching, outreach, evangelism, and mission.


OSL (Order of Saint Luke)
The Order of Saint Luke is an organization of the United Methodist Church formed to emphasize the ritual, sacrament, and liturgy of worship. The chapter at Perkins encourages the appropriate use and study of worship rituals and gives assistance and support to worship matters at Perkins.


Perkins Barnabus Association

The Perkins Barnabus Association (PBA) exists to gather students who wish to give and receive encouragement, verbal, material and spiritual, towards living a Biblically faithful, doctrinally robust, joyful Christian life in the midst of whatever challenges or difficulties they may face. This includes providing opportunities for mutual encouragement, fellowship, theological discussion, prayer, worship, service, and seeking opportunities to be a source of encouragement to the student body of Perkins School of Theology.


Perkins Intramural Sporting Society

The Perkins Intramural Sporting Society exists to provide member of the Perkins community the opportunity to compete in intramural sports on campus at SMU.  There are teams of varying skill levels competing in numerous sports and leagues on campus.  Come join us!Perkins Intramural Sporting Society



Information about these groups can be found on the bulletin boards, in the Perkins News, by contacting the Office of Community Life (214.768.3371, Kirby 216), or by contacting Myron Rhodes, PSA President, at