Student Appointments

The role of Perkins School of Theology in the student appointment process is that of a facilitator of communications. We work to serve both the prospective students and the conference leaders involved in the student appointment process by offering information and support. All appointments are made independently by each conference through their cabinets.

If you are a student interested in securing a student appointment we encourage you to make direct contact with district superintendents with student charges in their districts. As a preliminary to any interview scheduled during a visit or by phone, it is recommended that you write and introduce yourself to area district superintendents. Send a completed copy of the attached form and a resume. Other types of contact may then be scheduled.

  1. Attend an Inside Perkins in the Spring when some area district superintendents will be present to interview students seeking appointments.
  2. Arrange for an individual visit to Perkins and contact area district superintendent(s) for individual interviews during your visit -- it is best for this to be done prior to April 1 of the year in which an appointment is sought.
  3. Follow up your letter by calling some of the area district superintendents and visiting with them by phone. Also have your present district superintendent or a pastor in your conference who knows you well to recommend you for an appointment.

In order to be eligible for a student appointment, a student must be a member of the United Methodist Church and a certified candidate for ministry. If you have not yet begun the candidacy program, see your pastor about this first step into ordained ministry.

It is recommended that those seeking student appointments which would begin in June should submit their applications for admission to Perkins no later than March 1 each year.