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United Methodist Studies Hybrid Course | January 2 - 4, 2020

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United Methodist Certifications

Why take the United Methodist Studies course?

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Applications are now closed. Application deadline was November 8, 2019.

Both new and returning Certification students must complete the application to register. You only need to complete one application per year for access to all Certification courses offered, including UM Studies. After approval of your application for Certification courses, you will be sent a link for course registration. Registration opens August 2020.



The United Methodist Studies course will provide a one-stop-shop introduction to Methodist history, theology, and polity in a hybrid format (half online and half in-class) in order to deepen students’ understanding of and appreciation for Methodism today. The course may include a study of the General Rules, Social Principles, The Book of Discipline, or historical issues in UMC polity. Enrolled students will be assigned work outside of the classroom via books, articles and videos before spending three days in a classroom setting on the beautiful campus of Southern Methodist University.

Students will:
· Meet characters in the Methodist family, like John, Charles, and Susanna Wesley, Philip Otterbein, and Phoebe Palmer.
· Investigate the basic tenets of Christianity through a Wesleyan lens.
· Discover the ways and whys for the current structure of the United Methodist Church from the local church to General Conference.

United Methodist Studies is a required course for all United Methodist Certification tracks. United Methodist Certification is available to United Methodist laypersons, ordained deacons and elders, and diaconal ministers seeking certification in an area of specialized ministry who meet the standards set by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Church. This class is open to students seeking UM Certification in any area of specialized ministry.

While required for students enrolled in a United Methodist Certification track, it will also be beneficial for employees in a United Methodist local church, for teachers of United Methodist confirmation classes, and for new and longtime members in United Methodist churches. Continuing Education Unit certificates are available for any who wish to take the course apart from a United Methodist Certification track. 


Priscilla Pope-Levison
Associate Dean for External Programs
Professor, Ministerial Studies
Ted A. Campbell
Professor, Church History
D. Max Whitfield
Bishop in Residence
Director, Center for Religious Leadership


Download, read carefully, then complete everything on the pre-assignments list. Two of the articles can be downloaded here, and one of the videos can be watched here (click on the video player below).

Pre-Assignments List  |  Download Article 1- Browning  |  Download Article 2- Pinn and Pinn





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