Approaching Change with Curiosity and Resilience: An Introduction to Dialogic Processes in Polarized Times with Dr. Jill DeTemple

How can community and church leaders create the conditions for respectful, honest conversation across difference in times of change?  How can they approach such conversations with confidence and openness and equip parish and community members to do the same?  This workshop gives a brief introduction to the dynamics of polarizing discourse, introduces ways to engage genuinely and curiously across those differences, and then invites participants to participate in a dialogue that combats the worst features of polarization – disengagement, flattening, and reactivity – through curiosity, structure, and deep listening. (This workshop is closed due to hitting max capacity set by the facilitator)

Communicating the Why Behind the Change with Shanterra McBride

Leading into change is only one part of the process; communicating the why behind the change in a persuasive and inviting manner is another part, one that is often overlooked and undervalued. In this workshop, participants will learn tools for communicating to the whole church or organization the change you are leading people into. By the end of this facilitated exercise workshop, participants will create a concise, inclusive communication strategy. (This workshop is closed due to hitting max capacity set by the facilitator)

Finding Your Footing When Things are Swirling with Rev. John Thornburg

When things are changing as fast as they have been this year, it's hard to feel that you are standing on solid ground.  How do we find our bearings when it's hard to find a compass?  Using questions that help us probe more deeply into our identity and into our place in our town or city, we'll hope to come closer to answering the question, "God, what are your gifts to me now, and what are you asking of me? (This workshop is closed due to hitting max capacity set by the facilitator)

Leading in the Midst of Chaos with Lisa Hancock

Christians are not immune to the damage of poorly managed conflict, so recognizing and dealing with it straightaway is essential. This workshop will provide essential practices for peacemakers and conflict avoiders by focusing on two essential questions: What are the early warning signs of destructive conflict? And how does a leader navigate the challenges that arise from conflict? 

Not On My Watch with Rev. Virzola Law

"Not on My Watch" is a movement that seeks to empower those of us who have had recurring experiences with systemic oppression and responded to the call to "watch and wait" no longer for the systems to change. If you are discerning your own purposes in this moment of needed systemic changes and want to journey with others in the journey of change, this workshop is for you. You will be introduced to a design process for leading into change in the public square, in places beyond and outside of the church. Together, we will explore the balance of gaining necessary skills to engage with the “Not on My Watch” movement and applying them to a ministry setting and/or to daily life in general.

Outside Suburbia: Leading into a New Normal with Rev. Denise Peckham

Recent chaos has taught us that nothing we hold sacred is beyond the limits of change. While there are many resources for navigating change in large urban/ suburban church settings, how do the rural/ smaller churches navigate those same realities? By utilizing personal, corporate resources, and community, denominational resources we can help set a new vision for mission and ministry in the life of the church, while still empowering and caring for the congregation that feels the stress of change. 

Reimagining Faith and Community: Adaptive Ministries and Movements in Fluid Urban Times with Dr. Drew Smith

As urbanization spreads and thickens, characterized by shifting institutional landscapes, population demographics, cultural trajectories, and community configurations, we find ourselves in uncharted ministerial and social leadership territories. Do we secure ourselves and shelter-in-place, or venture forth into these pronounced uncertainties to see where the road leads? What sociological and theological sources are helpful in mapping vital intersections between ‘organizational’ stability and mobility and between institutions and movements? In what places ‘on-the-ground’ are these intersections being effectively modeled? This workshop will engage participants around these pivotal questions and will provide effective strategies for addressing them particularly in urban ministry contexts.