Past Forums

(2000) Violence and the Bible

A discussion about a chapter from Dr. Danna Fewell’s book entitled, “The Children from the Other Side of the River.” 

(2001) Girls’ Spirituality                                                                            

Adolescent girls from different racial, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds discussed their Christian spirituality and how it relates to the issues of sexism, racism and classism in their lives.                            

(2002) The Marginal God

A discussion on issues of poverty, wealth, society and the church with a special emphasis on the United Methodist Church. 

(2003) “She’s Seen the Lord...”                                                                                                     

A critical biblical and theological discussion on issues of life and death in the Gospel of John.            

(2004) Theology and Mission: The Final Frontier  

A theological look at neocolonialism and post-colonialism in mission work.

(2005) Aaron Douglas, The Harlem Renaissance & Biblical Art

A historical look at the writings of James Weldon Johnson’s book, God’s Trombones, and the artistic biblical depictions by Aaron Douglass within the book.                                                                          

(2006) “Is this The End?” A Feminist Perspective on Eschatology                                          

An Eastern Orthodox perspective on realized and unrealized eschatology which critiques the Western Christian theological methods and concepts in both traditional patriarchal and mainline feminist models.

(2007)   Oh’ Sing Globally!  Using Cross-Cultural Music in Worship

An examination of diverse expressions of worship using a multi-cultural context for music and liturgy.

(2008) Emerging Evangelism                                                                                                        

Is the emergent church a new wave of evangelical identity?    

(2009) Thinking Theologically                                                                                                      

How do we think theologically? What does all our “God-talk” really mean?  In what ways does our faith seek understanding?                                                                                                                             

(2010) Teach Us to Pray: Liturgy and Prayer

An examination of the Christian praxis of prayer and liturgy, how it is used in worship and how it shapes our theological reflections about God and the world around us.

(2011) Bible Stories: A Look at Genesis 2 and 3

An examination of the interpretations of biblical narratives.

(2012) Calling and Vocation 

How does one discern God's calling in their vocational and life choices?

(2013) Walking in Faith Together

Faith formation with youth and adults.