Perkins School of Youth Ministry

New Youth Ministry Workers

Foundations Course

The Foundations class offers new youth ministry workers or volunteers an extensive course on foundational material for youth ministry. It focuses on important topics that are essential for leaders in youth ministry. Foundations participants will also be mentored by experienced, veteran youth workers in the year after their course work to give extra support as they learn to practically apply the Foundations learning in their own local church ministry. The Foundations class will meet during Workshop Sessions on the PSYM schedule.

This class will cover the following topics:
•  The Concept of Youth Ministry
•  Mission/Vision/Strategy of Youth Ministry
•  Family Ministry, Adolescent Psychology and Youth Ministry
•  The Professional Youth Minister
•  Self-Care and Sabbath
•  Building Blocks of Youth Ministry
•  Curriculum and Resources
•  Preaching and Teaching
•  United Methodist Heritage
•  Volunteers
•  Safe Sanctuary
•  Mission Trips and Event Planning
•  Communication and Relationship Building

Dara Bell

Rev. Walt Marcum

Michelle Moore

Rev. Matt Tuggle