Schedule of Events

The Thursday/Friday programs meet at Perkins School of Theology

1:30 pm           Registration Check-In
2:00   Welcome and Opening Worship 
2:45 - 5:30   Two-Day Class Begins 


9:00 am             Worship
9:45    Two-Day Classes Continue 
12:00 pm Box lunch (requires pre-registration)
1:30 - 5:15  Final Session of Two-Day Classes

Saturday programs meet at Perkins School of Theology

8:00 am   Registration Check-in for One-Day Classes 
8:30   Worship
9:15   One-Day Class Begins
12:00 - 2:00 pm   Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award Luncheon (requires pre-registration)
2:00 - 5:00       Final Session of One-Day Classes
School for the Laity adjourns

The School for the Laity will convene at Perkins School of Theology located at the southwest corner of the SMU campus.

Topics, courses, and schedule are subject to change.