Office of External Programs

Office of External Programs

INTERSECT...Where the pulse of Perkins meets the heart of Christian ministry.

The Office of External Programs (OEP) of Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University offers creative learning and research opportunities from the southwestern region to the global community and the Church universal, so that participants will be refreshed and equipped for their lifelong spiritual journey.

At Perkins School of Theology, the gifts and fruits and labor of theological study and teaching are available not only to those enrolled in regular courses but also to others throughout the church and wider community.

Each year more than 1,500 persons benefit from Perkins’ public programs such as Ministers Week, which offers lectures and workshops to practicing church professionals; Perkins Theological School for the Laity (formerly Laity Week), which brings together seminary professors who are leaders in their fields with committed laity to study Bible and theology; Perkins School of Youth Ministry and Faith Calls - Theological Programs for Young People.

Perkins also operates several centers for theological research and education in service to the church, including Centers for Evangelism and Missional Church Studies, Preaching ExcellenceReligious LeadershipMethodist Studies, and The Center for the Study of Latino/a Christianity and Religions, as well as Perkins’ Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Church Ministries Program which has focused on ministry to and with the nation’s Hispanic population since its conception more than 25 years ago.

Perkins also offers a variety of programs for United Methodist church professionals, including certification programs in Church Music, Christian Education, and Youth Ministry, and the Course of Study School for United Methodist local pastors.

Numerous additional events are frequently available to the general public as well.

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