Certificate Programs

Christian Education and Children's Ministry

The United Methodist Christian Education and Children's Ministry certification courses teach individuals to administer programs that develop faith formation, equip disciples of Jesus Christ, and provide an understanding of United Methodist tradition and doctrine.

The Children's Ministry track focuses on skills in working with volunteers and staff to create programmatic experiences and an environment that encourages children in the Christian faith.

The Christian Education track focuses on relating to church volunteers and staff with emotional maturity and sound judgment and demonstrating leadership in the church's educational ministry.

Spiritual Direction

Do people seek you for compassionate listening? Do you find yourself helping others tend to their souls? Do you desire more training in the art of companioned discernment? If you’ve asked yourself these questions then this program may be for you. Designed for graduate students, lay people, and clergy, the program is offered in a user-friendly, non-traditional format designed to accommodate the busy lives of people who wish to train during the weekend.

Youth Ministry

The United Methodist Youth Ministry certification courses teach individuals how to develop programs for youth that result in faith development and Christian formation. The courses cover biblical and theological concepts as well as ways youth can become disciples for the transformation of the world. Skills such as relating to young people, counseling, leading, and empowering others are addressed. In addition, the courses provide knowledge of adolescent development and behavior that include personal, moral, social, and religious development and the implications of these for youth ministry.