Bridwell Library Exhibition Honors Pair's Commitment to Texas and Mexican-American Methodism

Two historic leaders in Texas and Mexican-American Methodism are the focus of Bridwell Library’s summer exhibition.  The display, “Remembering Alfredo Náñez and Clotilde Falcón de Náñez” — located in the library’s entry hall — is now open through Sunday, Aug. 7, 2016.

The exhibition honors the memory of Rev. Alfredo Náñez, D.D. (1902-1986) and Clotilde Falcón de Náñez (1908-1998), two significant figures in Texas Methodist and Mexican-American Methodist history, by presenting 18 letters, publications and photographs from the archives at Bridwell Library.

For more than five decades, Southern Methodist University graduates Alfredo Náñez and Clotilde Falcón de Náñez pursued a life of shared ministry as church leaders, educators, authors and advocates of cross-cultural understanding. Alfredo Náñez was an ordained United Methodist minister who served as a Pastor and District Superintendent in the Rio Grande (now Rio Texas) Annual Conference. A gifted educator and administrator, Náñez served as President of the Lydia Patterson Institute and as the founding director of the Mexican American and Hispanic-Latino/a Church Ministry Program at Perkins. Clotilde Falcón de Náñez was a respected teacher, Christian Educator, author and translator. She held many leadership positions in the Woman’s Society of Christian Service and served on the Women’s Division of the Board of Missions of the Methodist Church from 1964 to 1968.

Tours of this exhibition are available upon request.

For more information, contact exhibit curator Tim Binkley at 214-768-1989 or