2016 Academic Achievements

The Dr. and Mrs. J.P. Bray Award in Hebrew (given to the student who ranks highest in Hebrew scholarship): Courtney Schultz

The Charles C. Selecman Award in New Testament Greek (given to the student who ranks highest in New Testament Greek scholarship): Christopher Rios

The Charley T. and Jesse James Bible Awards (awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement in biblical courses and overall scholastic performance): Rebekah Rochte, Beth Taylor, Jennifer Logsdon-Kellogg, Katherine Newsome

The W.B.J. Martin Award in Homiletics (given in recognition of outstanding students in the introductory preaching classes): Kristopher Keller

The W.B. DeJernett Award in Homiletics (given to senior students with the highest academic average in homiletics courses): Rebekah Rochte, Alexander Zeisig

The Paul W. Quillian Award in Homiletics (given to the student who has presented the best written sermon): Patricia Lund

The William K. McElvaney Preaching Award (given to the student who has presented the best written sermon on a public issue, which includes a social crisis, a controversial issue or a chronic social problem): Kellie Sanford

The Robert Weatherford Prize for Internship Preaching (award for excellence in preaching during internship. Recipients are chosen by the intern faculty of Perkins School of Theology and a representative from the preaching faculty): Stefanie Hayes

The Bert Affleck Award (given to a student for creativity in ministry during internship): Joshua Elder

The Jerry W. Hobbs Award in Worship (awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence in worship, combined with personal commitment to the worship life of the Perkins community, during her or his time here): Kallie Green

The Fellowship Seminarian Award (established by The Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts, given to a graduating seminary student who displays outstanding leadership in music and/or worship arts including, but not limited to, dance, drama, fabric art and liturgical writing): Donte Ford

The Jane Marshall Award for Outstanding Scholarship and Leadership in Christian Worship (funded by a gift from Jane and Elbert Marshall, given to a Master of Divinity or Master of Theological Studies student who has demonstrated excellence in the study and practice of Christian liturgy and worship): Kristi Hassell

The Hoyt Hickman Award for Outstanding Liturgical Scholarship and Practice (awarded by the Order of Saint Luke, given to the graduating student who, in the judgment of the selection committee, has given evidence of a high quality of scholarship in the study of liturgy and is an effective leader of Christian worship):Thomas Webster

The Master of Sacred Music Award (given to the senior M.S.M. student who ranks highest in scholarship and service to the community): Gabe Edwards, Taylor Vancil

The Roger Deschner Prize in Sacred Music (established by friends and family in memory of Roger Deschner, awarded to a continuing M.S.M. student who has excelled in academic work, musical abilities and overall achievement in the Sacred Music Program): Joshua Zentner-Barrett

The Albert C. Outler Award in Theology (awarded to the student contributing the most outstanding essay in theology during the academic year): Christopher Rios

The Philip Schaff Prize in Church History (established by Klaus Penzel, given for demonstrated excellence in the historical study of Christianity while participating in courses in church history): Christopher Rios, Blake Danner

The Karis Stahl Fadely Scholarship Awards (presented to students who exhibit the qualities that were exemplified by Karis Fadely: commitment to Jesus Christ and the mission of the church, responsibility and good management of time): Jennifer Logsdon-Kellogg, Peter Norton

The B’nai B’rith Award in Social Ethics (given by the Harold M. Kaufman Memorial Foundation to students on the basis of scholarly competence in the field of social ethics and personal commitment as shown in voluntary activity in support of worthy causes): Robin Murray, James Hill Jr.

The Harry Hosier Spirit Award (given to a graduating student who best exemplifies the spirit of Harry Hosier expressed in what is described as his “elocution of faith: I sing by faith, preach by faith, pray by faith, and do everything by faith): Lael Melville

The Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Flinn Senior Award (given to that member of the graduating class who, in the judgment of the faculty, best exemplifies the aims of the school and the church for its ministry): Lael Melville