Christmas Worship Service

Christmas Worship Service
originally webcast December 4, 2014, at 8:00 PM (CST)
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Glad Tidings of Christmas
to all Friends and Alumni/ae 
of Perkins School of Theology

Carol that I composed in 1742

Shepherds keeping watch in the woods, 
listen to my voice!
I will tell you of a marvel
that astonishes heaven itself.
I announce to you the news
that the Messiah is born today.

Hurry all to his cradle
to see this new wonder,
the eternal! In a manger
among the lowliest animals,
this is a love without measure
bared to endure a thousand ills.

Leave now your flocks.
Take only your torches, your drums,
and your musette.
Make your concerts resound.
Sing the reverberating glory
of the great God of the universe.

Love, praise, this newborn God
humbled for you.
Praise his immortal grandeur
in the form of a child.
Praise his eternal wisdom,
which shows a love so powerful.

Rely on his return.
Repay his love with love.
Offer him an undivided heart.
This is the gift that is due him.
This is the most sincere homage
that we can return to the highest.

Soeur Marie Julie de Saint Paul de Thomassin
(fl. 18th century, Provence)