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Master of Sacred Music Curriculum Evaluation

During the 2013-2014 academic year, a curriculum review committee will be formed to evaluate and revise the Master of Sacred Music degree. We are seeking to develop a list of competencies that are needed to lead a music ministry in the 21st century. In preparation for this, we are inviting alums of the program to respond to the list of competencies developed in five areas: (1) Musical; (2) Liturgical; (3) Administrative/Organizational; (4) Theological; (5) Interpersonal. You are invited to rate the relative importance of the competencies listed in each area according to your experience in music ministry, not on the basis of the curriculum under which you received your degree. In each case, you may also add competencies that we may have omitted.

We are grateful for your assistance. Grace and peace,

Christopher S. Anderson, Associate Professor of Sacred Music

C. Michael Hawn, University Distinguished Professor of Church Music,
Director, Master of Sacred Music Program