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Committee on Academic Programs - Faculty Areas of Interest Survey

Dear colleagues,

As we explore and decide on new academic programs to increase the number of students for our school, we ask you to complete the following survey. The survey seeks to identify areas of interest and specialization where we can offer guidance and expertise for our new programs. This survey also seeks to identify areas beyond our divisions that can bring faculty together—to teach, to advice, etc. Consider the following examples, a 16th Century historian of Christian Thought (Protestant Reformations) has particular interest in the field of worship. Hence, this “colleague” could also be part of the faculty team who could teach courses or offer her/his expertise in worship. A colleague in the field of Congregational Studies has a particular interest in ecclesiology. She/he can offer scholarly guidance and expertise in ecclesiology with a particular emphasis on congregational studies.

The survey also seeks to integrate some of our personal convictions and commitments to our academic/professional vocation as theological educators. For example, a Hebrew Bible scholar offers her/his expertise in community organization, cross-cultural relationships, etc.

By creating a data base that can be used to present our prospective students the multiple areas where we can contribute to “prepare women and men for faithful leadership in Christian ministry,” we can enhance the pool of students who might consider our school as a place for their theological formation.


Name: Carlos F. Cardoza Orlandi

Areas of interest where you can offer guidance and expertise for our new programs:

  1. Third Wave Mission practices—this include but are not limited to short-term mission trips, laity involvement and participation in mission (short and long term)
  2. Sacraments, Ecclesiology and Christian mission
  3. Sports and ministry to men