Forms for Current Interns

Forms for Current Interns

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Interns write a Learning Covenant to guide their work throughout the internship. The first covenant covers the required competencies for the first eight weeks of internship; that covenant will be revised between the ninth and eleventh week and then again after the Midpoint Evaluation to allow the student to address the remaining competencies and to reframe learning goals and redirect activities to better pursue the learning opportunities offered at the particular internship site.

Course Competencies—Master of Divinity

Course Competencies—Master of Arts in Ministry (Christian Education)

Course Competencies—Master of Arts in Ministry (Christian Spirituality)

Course Competencies—Master of Arts in Ministry (Evangelism & Mission)

Course Competencies—Master of Arts in Ministry (Theology & Social Justice)

Course Competencies—Master of Arts in Ministry (Urban Ministry)

To aid students in developing a lifelong discipline of reflecting theologically on their practice of ministry, interns write theological reflection papers throughout the internship.  The papers emerge from the students' own ministry experiences; the assigned format encourages the interns to reflect deeply and systematically upon incidents that challenge or raise questions for them.

Theological Reflection Paper Assignment

The intern will meet separately with the lay teaching committee and the mentor pastor after the first eight weeks of internship for a formal evaluation of the student's activities and achievement of competencies to that point. Later, at the midpoint of the internship, an on-site conference will be held gathering the lay committee, the mentor pastor, the intern, and the faculty supervisor for the Midpoint Evaluation. Near the end of the internship, another full conference will be held for the purpose of the Final Evaluation. In each case, the intern will prepare a Self-Evaluation based on a set of Guiding Questions in advance of the meeting.

Perkins Intern Evaluation Form

Midpoint Self-Evaluation—Master of Divinity

Midpoint Self-Evaluation—Master of Arts in Ministry

Final Self-Evaluation—All Interns