Degree Interest Areas

Anglican Studies

Concentration in Anglican Studies

With roots in the Methodist tradition, Perkins School of Theology strives to provide a hospitable environment for the formation and education of students from other theological traditions. The Concentration in Anglican Studies has been designed to meet that obligation by preparing students for ordination in the Episcopal Church USA and the larger Anglican tradition. Interested students declare their intent to earn the certificate with the registrar.

In the case of students seeking Holy Orders, program staff also work with diocesan officers to craft formational experiences that build upon this academic core. Students enrolled in the Anglican Studies program should be aware that their Bishop may require their participation in the extra-curricular aspects of the program, such as morning prayer, as a prerequisite for ordination.

Competencies include:

1.  A familiarity with the Book of Common Prayer and its rubrics

2. An understanding of the central importance occupied by the sacraments of the church

3. A knowledge of the church’s liturgical practice and its significance

4. An understanding of the earliest theological resources of the church, including:

a. Patristic literature and theology
b. The Old and New Testaments
c. Key developments in the Anglican tradition

5. Exegetical skills, including a knowledge of at least one biblical language

6. A knowledge of the church’s history, including both the Episcopal Church and the larger Anglican tradition

7. An understanding of canon law, its purpose and content

Students pursuing the concentration are required to complete the following course work. 

1. WO 6313 Word and Worship (three term hours), which includes a practicum focusing on use of The Book of Common Prayer.

2. HX 7370 Anglican History and Theology (three term hours). Prerequisites: HX 6305 The Christian Heritage I and HX6306 The Christian Heritage II. Preferred: HX 8321 History of Christian Doctrine.

3. HX 7371 Episcopal History and Canon Law (three term hours). Prerequisites: HX 6305 The Christian Heritage I and HX6306 The Christian Heritage II. Preferred: HX 7370 Anglican History and Theology.

4. HX 8321 History of Christian Doctrine (three term hours).

5. Six hours of either Hebrew Exegesis (HB 7300 Hebrew I and HB 7301 Hebrew II) or Greek Exegesis (GR 7300 Greek I and GR 7301 Greek II).

Three hours of either Hebrew (HB7302) or Greek Exegesis (GR7302).