Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award Recipients

The Woodrow B. Seals Laity Award is presented annually to a layperson embodying the Christian faith and commitment of service to Christ as exemplified by Judge Seals, a distinguished layperson whose interest and energy were instrumental in establishing the Perkins Theological School for the Laity.

2021: Nancy Seay
           Lisa Tichenor

2020: Mary White

2019: John M. Esquivel

2018: Dr. Lydia Bean, Dr. Kathryn S. Stream and Dr. Beverly E. White

2016: Dr. Mauro Ferrari

2015: Kay Protho Yeager

2014: Bliss Dodd

2013: Dr. Kenneth and Lila Foree
               Linda Marr

2012: William E. "Bill" Turner

2011: Jackie A. Strange

2010: Donna Dean Hutcherson

2009: Larry D. Warren

2008: Arlene Andrews

2007: Barbara Wendland

2006: Dan David Franck

2005: Lonnie D. Brooks

2004: Vivian Oliver

2003: Norm & Lynda Peters

2002: Stanley C. Sager

2001: Carrol Key

2000: Dr. Solomon Christian

1999: Kathryn and Richard Seymour

1998: Harold E. Batiste, Jr.
             Floyd E. Dixon, Sr.
             Iweeta B. McIntosh
             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Newkirk
             Charles and Mary Ward

1997: Ruth A. Daugherty
             Paul R. Ervin
             Elizabeth Espersen
             Ike Griffin
             Margaret Fox Tarr

1996: Mike Fenton
             Debi Partridge

1995: Tom Brian
             Doris Fair
             Marvin and Marilynn Loyd

1994: Earl R. and Martha Lee Lyles Wilson
             Elizabeth Johannaber

1993: Betty Anderson
             Isabelle Collora
             Roger Guissinger
             Bill and Joan Hataway
             Joe and Loise Westendorff