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2016-2017 Financial Information

Approximate Total Costs for One Year of Study

(Fall, Spring and Summer Terms)

  Unmarried Student + Spouse Student + 1 child
Tuition/Fees – $713 per credit hour x 24 hours plus $5664.00 general fees $22,776 $22,776 $22,776
Room and Board for On-campus Housing,
including books, supplies and miscellaneous expenses
$16,500 $23,500 $20,500
U.S. withholding taxes $2,254 $2,490 $2,490
Student Insurance – required for all international students and recommended for families $2,608 $2,608 $2,608

 International Student Fee $100
TOTAL $44,238 $51,474 $48,474

For each academic year (August – July) a limited number of International Program Scholarships are awarded to outstanding international student applicants to the Master of Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Ministry, or Master of Sacred Music degree programs. These scholarships range from $22,776 to $39,584 depending on the merit and need of the applicant. International scholarship students must bear the cost of round trip travel in addition to any expenses not covered by the Perkins scholarship. In making scholarship awards, priority is given to students currently residing in their home countries and active leaders of the church. It is essential that applicants have strong recommendations from church leaders of their home countries.

Ordinarily only international students who receive a scholarship are admitted to Perkins School of Theology. Qualified students who can verify sufficient funding for studies and send a deposit at the time of admission can be admitted without scholarship.

If a spouse and/or children accompany a student, all of their expenses must be provided by the student. FUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE THROUGH PERKINS TO COVER THESE ADDITIONAL COSTS.

Housing is normally available for persons with no more than two children who must be under the age of seven.