Financial Resources

Houston/Galveston Costs and Resources

Extension Program Estimated Resources

From Perkins  
Dean's Honor Scholarship (M.Div.) $7,000
Perkins Tuition Grant (part-time) $2,100
Perkins Annual Conference Endowment Grants


Outside of Perkins  
Foundations, agencies and denominations (examples)  
Hurley Foundation $1,000
Eastern Star $1,000
HANA Scholarship $5,000 (maximum)
Harding Foundation (Rio Texas Conference)
From UM Annual Conferences  
Texas $1,100
North Texas $2,700
Central Texas $2,400
Louisiana $5,000
From Local Church $1,000
Part-time church (9 months) $7,200
Student Pastor $13,000
Spouse varies
Federal Stafford $20,500 (maximum)
United Methodist $5,000 (maximum)

Financial Aid/Budget Information/Extension Program/Estimated Costs

Extension Program Estimated Costs

Tuition and fees* $10,044
Books $500
Housing (based on 9 month academic year)  
On-campus (including utilities)  
Commuter housing (3-4 per room)** $1,800
Food varies
Insurance (Health) 2017-2018 rates  
     Student $2,798
     Spouse $2,798
     Per child $2,798
Insurance (auto) varies
   Child care (full-time; 1 child) $11,000-$14,000
Miscellaneous varies
     (Travel, gas, car maintenance, personal/clothing, medical, etc.)  

*Based on average 12 credit hours per year ($837 per credit hour during Fall and Spring)

**Available if commuting to Dallas for classes