Called to Serve

Jesus said, “I am among you as one who serves.” (Luke 22:27)


Our gifts and interests vary. We come from different places, have different experiences, and, to some extent at least, have different ways of seeing the world. One thing we all share, however, is a calling to service. Indeed, it is in giving ourselves to that high calling that we discover ourselves.  As Jesus put it, “whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”  

Egocentrism is a sign, not of strength, but of weakness. If we spend our lives keeping score, we will almost certainly be unhappy. The quest to make the world revolve around us, to be its center, is unquenchable because it is fundamentally misdirected. But service is inherently unfair. It takes a strong faith, a strongly formed identity, to serve. Consider the foot-washing story in John 13. The disciples were not able to serve because they feared that service would make them servile, that it would diminish their hard-won status. Jesus was the only one in the room who knew who he was, and thus the only one free to serve. 

Our goal at Perkins is to equip students for a lifetime of fruitful and joyful service. Such service can take countless forms, whether in or outside of ordained ministry. It requires knowledge, skills, character, and, above all, faith -- faith to know that our identity is grounded in God, not in our always limited achievements and imperfect integrity. It is a place of humble and honest strength, of fullness, that is free to give without always having to receive back in kind. 

Careers come and careers go. What truly matters is having a vocation, a calling. Our vocation at Perkins is to serve you, so that you in turn may serve the world. 

Craig C. Hill