Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Perkins Student Ambassadors are current students who exemplify the high standards of the Perkins community. They participate in recruitment and admission events on and off campus, and meet individually with prospective students for lunch, in worship, on student panels and on campus tours. They also share their firsthand experiences of theological education, ministry and Perkins community activities that bind them together. They are our best examples of graduate students benefiting from all that is Perkins.


Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Graduated from: Oklahoma Christian University, B.A. in Biblical Studies
Perkins Class of: 2020, Master of Divinity

My experience at Perkins has been greatly impacted by the openness of the professors. I have genuinely enjoyed spending time with them outside of class. The conversations inside and outside the classroom have made me a better person.

My goal is to become a hospital chaplain to provide holistic care for individuals in medical facilities. Perkins is continuing to give me a strong foundation for my future work.


Hometown: Gadsden, Alabama
Graduated from: Tuskegee University, Bachelor degree in Psychology
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

Being a student at Perkins School of Theology is a blessing. Since my arrival, the faculty and students have embraced me with open arms and motivated me toward success.

Every class I have had the privilege to take has been inspirational. My understanding of God’s Word and my faith have truly been transformed. It is my prayer as a young theologian to gain the knowledge I need to continue to be the hands and feet of God in this world.

After obtaining my degree, my goal is to work with nonprofit organizations and pursue urban ministry. My ultimate goal is to do pastoral care because of the many opportunities I see for working with different types of ministries and also with youth.


Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
Graduated from: Alcorn State University, English Literature
Perkins Class of: 2020, Master of Theological Studies

After graduating from Perkins, I want to pursue a juris doctor degree in entertainment law and serve the Christian entertainment field.


Hometown: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but I’ve lived most of life in Plano, Texas
Graduated from: LeTourneau University, B.B.A. and M.B.A. with focus on market research.
Perkins Class of: 2020, Master of Divinity

I most enjoy the sense of belonging fostered by the community of students, staff and faculty. However, it is hard to express in words my appreciation for the incredible professors at Perkins and the amazing resources housed at Bridwell Library. I am grateful for every second I get to spend at Perkins learning and growing intellectually and spiritually.

I hope to continue my academic education by applying for the Doctor of Ministry program at Perkins. I am also a certified candidate with the North Texas Conference, and pray that I may one day serve as an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church. 


Hometown: Longview, Texas
Graduated from: Texas A&M University-Commerce, History and Political Science
Perkins Class of: 2020, Master of Divinity

The thing I love most about Perkins is the diversity of belief among faculty and students. Professors do not tell you what to think, but how to think theologically.

After graduation, I hope to pursue ordination as an Elder in the Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church and help bolster Catechetical work in my conference. I also hope to eventually earn a Ph.D. in systematic theology and teach.


Hometown: From Puerto Rico; have resided in Dallas, Texas, for several years
Graduated from: University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, B.S. in Computer Engineering
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

What I enjoy most about Perkins is getting to know the students and their ministries. Their experiences and the range in ages have let me see all the things God does in different denominations, and also in each person's life.

I plan to serve as a plant pastor in the UMC of North Texas Conference, helping create new Hispanic churches. My home church in Dallas, Casa Linda UMC, has already planted one and is planning to plant a second. Being witness to this has given me the desire to follow the same path — to share the good news with Hispanic communities that haven’t been reached by our denomination.


Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Graduated from: Colorado State University, Bachelor degree, double major in Speech Communication and Technical Journalism.; University of Oklahoma, Master degree in Organizational Design and Development
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

I really enjoy the faculty and the varied experiences and perspectives of my peers. I am not exactly sure where the Lord will lead me after graduation. I am in a season of listening and discernment. I may pursue a law degree or a Ph.D. in counseling. We will see what the Lord says!


Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Graduated from: Minnesota State University Moorehead, Bachelor degree; Johns Hopkins University, Master degree
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

I love the diversity of thought in the classroom and the open atmosphere to discuss differing beliefs in a safe space. I also love that we are challenged to think outside of our own "ideological bunkers," and that the staff is so intentional in creating that space. Lastly, I love the sense of community here at Perkins with my fellow students. It truly feels like a second family!

After graduation, I plan to be ordained as an Elder within the United Methodist Church and pursue a Ph.D. here at Perkins.


Hometown: Houston, Texas
Graduated from: Hendrix College, B.A. in Theater
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

I love the sense of family and community at Perkins. You’re not a nameless face in the crowd. The teachers know you (even if you don’t take their class!), upperclassmen know you, your fellow classmates know you, administration and staff all know you. And I love all of the community-based events like weekly worship, CHAP and community lunch. It really feels like one big family!

I plan to be ordained in the United Methodist Church in the Texas conference. I’m not sure if I will go the Deacon or Elder route yet, but either way I plan to pursue my passion of marrying theater and the church together.


Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Graduated from: Bethune-Cookman University
Perkins Class of: 2021, Master of Divinity

The thing I enjoy most about Perkins is the friendliness of the faculty and staff. After graduation, I hope to pastor and prepare myself to lead a congregation.